Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Happy ... then sad due to M's attitude.

I've decided to try my hand at making Arroz con Pollo tonight. I scoured the internet searching for a simple recipe that was remotely like the ones I've had at Mexican restaurants. You wouldn't believe how hard that seems to be. All of them either don't add cheese or add chedar cheese and not the white Mexican cheese that they use at the restaurants. 

So I finally found one that looks easy enough for this novice of a cook. I'm going to actually change things up though. I'm going to use Mexican cheese and I'm going to add more rice than is called for. My reasonings are two-fold. 

1. Rice fills bellies cheaply.

2. Mexican cheese makes me happy. 

I'll update when I make it. I wouldn't be surpised if I don't get to since M. is in a foul mood right now. God knows that when he is off work (which is more MOST of the week) he acts like he shouldn't have to do anything because he worked for a day or two. There are days when I really wish that I could change the past and never get married. 


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