Saturday, November 10, 2012

When I blog I usually do when when I get to get my frustrations out. I am not normally angry/sad. 

I am pretty upset right now. Yesterday, I noticed that the filters in my Shark Navigator were pretty dirty. So I did what needed to be done and cleaned them out. After months of me begging M. finally decided to move his ass and rent a Rug Doctor. Don't ask why I have to beg to get something that simple done. I just have to.

Anyway, he asked his sister to clean the living room up. I told M. that I had cleaned the filters and that it would take 24 hours for them to dry. So he tossed them in the dryer and went off. 

We came home to a picked up and vacuumed living room.  Sister-in-Law started in on where was the Rug Doctor. We didn't get one because of having to wait around for HOURS to get M's check (his supervisors apparently decided to have a VERY LONG LUNCH). This could have been solved by getting direct deposit but M. refuses to go that route.

Walmart was a damn nightmare. I assume that people were grocery shopping (like us) and buying Christmas presents. So getting though the store was horrible. We decided to get the Rug Doctor another day. 

Sister-in-Law was all, "Are you going to get one?" Uh. Yeah. You sure as hell won't. You won't buy anything worthwhile with your check. The freaking local politicion pays for your car insurance on your father's car! You don't have any bills. But, please, go on about how you pay the mortgage with your father's check. Terrible hardship that. 

Anyway, today I go to do laundry and find one of my vaccum's filters in the dryer. That pissed me off. So I came upstairs to put it in my vaccum and found out that my sister-in-law vaccumed without ANY filters in it. Great. Let's just BREAK my vacuum you fucking idiot. 

Lesson learned. The vacuum is going into my bedroom with the DOOR LOCKED when not in use.

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